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Wednesday, July 14, 2004



I have begun work on the third of a series of six books. The third work will be entitled REFUTATION OF CHRISTIANITY IN LIGHT OF THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS.

The hope that that which is written in the Dead Sea Scrolls somehow supports Christian tenets still resides in the hearts of many. My work comes to unburden those belabored by those vain hopes. It is ironic, but true, that the very texts that many modern Christian believed support the tenets of their faith are the texts that best refute them.

By employing the חלופים, which היחד were Masters of , in the analysis of the fragments found in the Judean Desert, we will demonstrate, and elucidate, the true meanings of the central concepts that Christianity that they arrogated from תורה in general and the teachings of היחד in particular.

We will see the centrality of עם ישראל, particularly בני צדוק, in such concepts as: משיח and כפרה. We will see the true meanings of such concepts as בתולה and צלב and Trinity, with special emphasis placed on the analysis of the radical י-ש-ע, that serves as the basis of the name ישוע, the concept of ישועה and the inflection ישועות. We will shed new light on the meaning of all of those concepts for Christians and Jews alike.

We will not merely engage in speculation. By employing the חלופים, and justifying the employing of the חלופים, we will prove our points beyond a shadow of a doubt.

בע"ה, the work will be completed in a few months. Of course, notification will be posted as to when the work is available to the readership.

The proofs are in Hebrew. Of course one will have to be not only fluent in Hebrew to read the work, but also familiar with the alphanumerical nature of the Hebrew language and appreciate how that impacts on how Hebrew text is constructed.

In order to bamboozle people into believing the errant tenets of Christianity Torah was translated, poorly translated to be sure.

Hebrew does not lend itself to any loyal translation because it is impossible to translate the text without disrupting the underlying mathematical structure of the Hebrew language. No other language in creation is characterized by the unique mathematical properties that Hebrew is. Thus, no translation is possible.

The work is, therefore, is, perforce, geared primarily toward those who know Hebrew well enough to understand the demonstrations - namely renegade "Messianic" Jews and the few Christians who have learned the basics of Hebrew.

In the meantime, please feel free to peruse the works that I have already published on the net. There are links to other sites on the site the URL of which is shown here.

With blessings,

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel