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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Truth About the Jews and Christ Hidden in Plain Sight

Recently, there is a huge push among Protestants, who think that if they rid Christianity of Catholicism then all will be pure and good, to pin all of the brutality of Christianity on the Catholics. That is a self-deception. Let's hope, however, that it is attributable to nascent recognition of the heinous acts committed in the name of Christ, the inner meaning of which will be explained below.

All of Christianity is a death cult.

It was Protestants, not Catholics, who carried out the witch hunts (although I'm sure the Vatican had a great deal to do with it, the Protestants were enthusiastic participations), enslaved the Blacks and devastated the Natives in North America.

Surely, you are familiar with the Chi Rho symbol.

The Greek letter rho in the symbol is another pronunciation of the name of the Egyptian sun god Ra. All languages in the Middle East are very flexible with the pronunciation of vowels, as they change with grammatical rules. One of the pronunciations of Ra was Ro, as is commonly known and acknowledged.
So, every time one ascribes divinity to christ, that person is ascribing divinity to chi RO ist. That person is saying that s/he is a ChiROist. The Chi, of course, has been integrated into Buddhism as a central teaching and we know that the occultist Catholics, like the Nazis who based themselves on the beliefs and hierarchical structure of the Jesuits, were obsessed with the Tibetans. The Nazis planned to set up an Aryan settlement in Tibet. They wanted to soak up the occult energy of Chi. It evidently compliments that of Rho.

It's hidden in plain view in the designation Christ, as is their wont to do things.

And I'll tell you what else is hidden in plain view - the identity of the true child of God who was sent to this world as a redeemer, but was made into a sacrificial lamb. The word Jews is hidden in the name Jesus.

The Hebrew word בני (b-n-i) can either be pronounced b'nei, meaning the sons or sons and daughters of, or it can be pronounced b'ni, meaning my son or it can be pronounced b'nai, meaning my sons or my sons and daughters.

The Hebrew Bible is not punctuated to allow for elasticity of interpretation. Thus the phrase בני ישראל (b-n-i Yisrael) can mean: the sons or the sons and daughters of Yisrael; my sons or my sons and daughters, Yisrael; or my son, Yisrael.

When the God of Yisrael says b-n-i Yisrael, God is referring to us as Its Children and also Its child in the singular.

Yisrael is the Child of God. We have no need of mythology or deification. We are the Child of God in human form and we act according to human abilities *for the sake of all humanity*.

The early Church understood the mission of the Jews in this world - that we are the Child of God sent into this world to redeem it – to be a light unto the Gentiles.

In order to hide the truth from the world, they contracted the story of an entire People, the Jewish People, in every generation, into the figure of one character - Jesus.

To make the Jews further unrecognizable as the true Child of God they then applied the supernatural attributes to Jesus that they found in pagan religions attributed to the various deities and mythological figures.

This also helped the Church attract the various heathens to Christianity - they made Jesus look familiar to the heathens they conquered by applying to him the mythology the heathens believed in.

The heathens thus acquiesced and the figure of Jesus became ever more fantastic, as he took on more and more mythological, supernatural qualities.

The identity of the true Child of God, the Jews, the People sent to redeem this world, to be a light unto the Gentiles, was thus hidden - eventually even from most of the Jews themselves.

This is the Truth (תורת) that the Church has been hiding from the world.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel